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Can I open an eBay store with your webstore app?

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I wanted to check what exactly I can do with webstore, is it like having an ebay store?
asked Jan 9, 2014 in Webstore by anonymous

1 Answer

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The great thing about webstore is that it does allow you to have many of the benefits of having an eBay store, without opening an eBay store. But it’s important to note that while you will be able to to display your eBay listings in a beautiful branded storefront with a short URL, it won’t open a store on eBay.
What are webstore’s main benefits?
Let’s take a closer look at what webstore has to offer to eBay sellers.
It’s SEO friendly - webstore is optimized for search engines, this means that you can increase the number of visitors arriving at your eBay storefront! 
It’s elegantly designed - with our latest webstore design templates you can really make your eBay listings shine and display your listings in style.  
Having a store without a store - you can have many of the benefits you have with an eBay store, without the costs and commitment of opening an eBay store.
It’s easy to promote - with your webstore’s short URL it will be much easier for you to promote your eBay listings and direct potential buyers to your listings.
It’s synced with eBay - your webstore is automatically synced with eBay, so you don’t need to worry about updating your webstore.
It’s easy to use - just 1-click and your webstore will be active!
Watch here how it works!


To subscribe to webstore, or to read more about how you can create your own eBay storefront with webstore visit webstore's site at: www.webstoreplace.com.
Also, feel free to comment here below if you have any other questions regarding webstore.


answered Jan 9, 2014 by admin (3,130 points)
i just got webstore but that was before i saw store designer.
I already have a eBay store. I don't really want a second store in a way to promote.
what im really looking for was a different store template and i want to know is store designer also seo optimized in a way or is it simply a template?
Which one would be best you think? Keep my ebay + store designer?
eBay store + webstore?
Cancel ebay store and get only webstore?
P.S: can i use my own domain with a webstore? to be honest if i use my complete name it would make a crazy long url and i know that is not good. People dont like long urls to type.
My store now: gizmosandgadgetsbyfred.com
if full name webstore: gizmosandgadgetsbyfred.webstore.com <--- simply too much. ppl won't type all that.
Let me answer these questions one by one:
1. Our eBay Store designer solution provides you with a selection of customizable templates for your eBay storefront, but it doesn't have the features that webstore has such as SEO, designed category page, designed product page etc. 
2. I would suggest using both apps, webstore and store designer, since each has it's own benefits. We don't offer at the moment a bundle that will include both apps for a discount price, but we will create such a bundle in the future.
3. If you cancel your eBay store, keep in mind that webstore doesn't create an actual store on eBay so it can't replace it, it only creates a storefront off eBay.
4. You can of course change your webstore's URL to something shorter, basically any subdomain that is currently available you can use. If you want to use your store's domain you will have to ask your domain provider about domain forwarding. 
Feel free to comment if you have any other questions.