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How do i use ebay currency converter?

1 Answer

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Thank you for your interest in our eBay app!
To sign up to Currency Converter follow these steps:
1. Subscribe to the application at eBay’s app center: eBay Currency Converter app page. 
2. If you aren’t logged-in in eBay, you will be asked to login. 
3. In the next page you will be asked to agree to ours & eBay’s Terms. Read and checkmark both boxes and click “continue”. 
4. Wait while your app is activated.
5. Next you will be redirected to your app management area on eBay, in this area you will find your eBay Currency Converter app. Click on the “start” button near the app.
6. Next you will arrive at your app’s control panel where you will be able to add your Currency Converter in your listings. 

7. To setup the app choose the 5 currencies you would like to show in your listings.



8. Next choose the placement for your currency converter, at the top or bottom of your listing’s description.


9. Next click on “Add converter”. Now your eBay currency converter will be added to your listings within the next  12 hours.

If you need any further assistance read our eBay Currency Converter User Manual or leave a comment here below.
answered May 19, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)