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I signed up for Social Store now how do I add it to my Facebook page?

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asked Jan 7, 2014 in Social Store by anonymous

retagged Jan 7, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi

2 Answers

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Once you finish signing up to Social Store you will be sent to your social store control panel where you are asked to link it with an existing Facebook page.

If you didn’t arrive at your control panel after signing up, you can login to your control panel at any time and then click on the “Add to Facebook Page” button to add it to your page.


Next, you will get this window asking you to choose a page to add your social store to.

Keep in mind that you will need to have a business Facebook page and not just a personal profile to use social store, since social store can’t be added to a personal profile.

If you need any other help setting up social store feel free to add a comment to this thread.



answered Jan 7, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)

edited Dec 8, 2014 by admin
How much does that cost and how do I sign up for this?


Hi Larry,

Thank you for your interest in our Social Store app!

Social Store costs $3.99 per month, following a 7-day free trial. No long term commitment is necessary and you can cancel at any time.

To start your free trial visit our site:

Let me know if you have any other questions.


- Tzipi.



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How come i cant get my items from ebay to show up on the facebook page?? It keeps saying no items avaliable to purchase at this time??
answered Sep 1, 2014 by roger
Hi Roger,

Maybe your store information isn't updated in our system, can you email us at [email protected]?

Thank you!