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RE: Backup Your Items - Can I relist am item months later?

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I want to be able to backup all my currently listed items.  Becuase I am changing my store subscription I dont get as many free listings so I would like to be able to pick and choose which items I relist.  eBay only saves my items for 30 to 60 days.  Will your product allow me to easily backup and months later relist an item?  How do I do this?
asked Mar 2, 2014 in Back Up Your Items by Edward

1 Answer

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Hi Edward,
Our "Backup Your Items" app will create weekly 2 backup files: an excel file for your listings' titles + descriptions and an images file for your items' images. 
Your weekly backup files will be kept on our server for 3 months, you can at any time login to your control panel and download the files. 
Let me know if you have any other questions.
- Tzipi.
answered Mar 2, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)