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Why do I get a “no permission” error when signing up in eBay apps?

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I am unable to sign up to your webstore app in eBay apps. Please help!

asked Jan 8, 2014 in General by anonymous

1 Answer

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Currently all apps at eBay’s app center are only available for ebay.com users. International eBay sellers can’t use the apps through apps.ebay.com.

But we do offer some versions for the apps that are available to all users including our Webstore app, Social Store app and Store Designer app.

So if you have an international eBay seller account and you want to sign up to one of those apps you can do that here:

Store Designer: https://www.storedesigner.org

Social Store: https://www.socialstorepro.org

Webstore: https://www.webstoreplace.com

Feedback Reminder: https://www.feedback-reminder.com

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answered Jan 8, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)

edited Dec 8, 2014 by admin

Hi, Could you please add Currency Converter to all my listings?  I keep doing this and for some reason, without me doing anything it keeps disappearing from all my ads.  Yes, I am a Ebay.com U.S. seller.  Love your app, but have been having issues re: this since you started years ago.  Thanks!

Hi Charlotte,

Can you please email us your eBay user ID to [email protected]? Also, are you using an editing software to edit your lsiitngs such as Turbo Lister?

- Tzipi