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Can people only see my store by clicking the link or also through ebay?

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When someone views my item on ebay will they somehow be able to see my store??
asked Jan 28, 2014 in Webstore by giuliana

1 Answer

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Hi Giuliana,
The great thing about a webstore storefront is that it is optimized for search results, helping you increase organic traffic to your listings from search results. 
You can also link your listings with your webstore by placing our banner, you can read about that here: https://support.3dsellers.com/qa/152/how-do-i-link-my-ebay-account-with-my-webstore
If you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment below.
- Tzipi. 


answered Jan 28, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)