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eBay storefront or eBay store?

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Can you explain what exactly is the difference between your webstore storefront and an eBay store and what are the benefits of each?
asked Jan 14, 2014 in Webstore by anonymous

1 Answer

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In order to compare between an eBay store and a webstore eBay storefront I’ve created this table to demonstrate a few of the differences between the two.  


  Webstore eBay storefront eBay store
All your listings in one place Yes Yes
storefront + design templates Yes No
Short store URL Yes Yes
Can add a header Yes Yes
Can add logo Yes Yes
+ designed headers & logos for your storefront Yes No
Create your own categories No Yes
Discounted insertion fees No Yes
Icon + link to storefront No Yes
Banner to storefront Yes No
Price $5.99 a month starting at $19.95

First of all, your webstore eBay storefront just like your eBay store will display all your eBay listings in one location. But while your eBay store is on eBay, your storefront is outside eBay. Although, with both you will get the option to customize your store name and URL. eBay Storefront design template



On the other hand, to get a nice professional design for your eBay store your will need to pay extra, while webstore comes with a selection of design templates from which you can choose your eBay storefront design. Also, you will have the option to display a featured item in your header, choose a designed header or logo and add your own in webstore.


It’s true that with your webstore you won’t receive the different benefits that eBay offers store owners such as discounted insertion fees, an icon and link to your store near your user ID or price markdowns. But, you will be able to add a banner to your listings that links to your webstore.   

The main difference is the price, while your webstore eBay storefront only costs $5.99 a month (!), an eBay store basic plan costs $19.95 a month.


It’s true that an eBay store has features a storefront doesn't and that it can really benefit high volume sellers, but if you are not looking for all the different features an eBay store offers and you just want an eBay storefront webstore is most likely the best match for you.


If you have any other questions that have to do with webstore feel free to comment below.





answered Jan 14, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)