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User not in Database error

0 votes
I have been a ebay power seller since 2010 nad have used this app before but now I it comes up error like I am not even in the system



Thanks joey Fanguy
asked Sep 16, 2014 in PDF Catalog by Joey Fanguy

1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Joey,

It seems as though the token for the app expired, can you please sign up again?

You can do that on eBay's app center: PDF Catalog

Thank you,


answered Sep 16, 2014 by admin (3,130 points)

Notice: Undefined index: sp in /var/www/html/secure/pdf_catalog/control_panel/pc_skin.php on line 12 Notice: Undefined index: sig in /var/www/html/secure/pdf_catalog/control_panel/pc_skin.php on line 13 Notice: Undefined index: st in /var/www/html/secure/pdf_catalog/control_panel/pc_skin.php on line 14

Ooops! We have an error

  1. User is not in our databas

I went to the link you said and it already said I was signed up already I used this app many times before Joey

Hi Joey,
Sorry for the inconvenience, we found out that the eBay login to our control panel isn't working and we are currently working on fixing this.
I'll keep you posted when we fix this.
Hi Joey,

Can you please remove your old PDF subscription, so that you can sign up again? To do so just visit this link: https://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?CancelESubscription&appId=PDFCatalog.3dsellers.com.


Thank you!