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How do I add social icons to my thank you emails?

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asked Sep 15, 2014 in Thank You Emails by Gena

1 Answer

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Hi Gena,

To add social icons to the footer of your emails just follow these steps:

1. Login to your control panel.

2. Visit your “Social Icons” tab.

3. Fill in the field for the social icon you want to add in the following format:

Facebook: Fill in your page URL by entering your page ID.

Twitter: Fill in your Twitter username.

Google +: fill in your Google + username.

YouTube: Fill in your the name of your channel or your YouTube user.

Pinterest: Fill in your Pinterest username.

4. Click on “Save”. Now your social icons will show in the footer of your thank you emails.

Also, if you added a link to your Facebook page a Facebook banner will show in your emails.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


answered Sep 15, 2014 by admin (3,130 points)