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question about social store set up

0 votes
When i am on facebook and click type in my social stores name in search, when it opens store it is on timeline. How do i get it to open with the social store layout instead of timeline?
asked Jul 10, 2014 in Social Store by Stefanie Cunningham

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Stefanie,

Social Store won't replace your timeline, since it is a Facebook tab, so like the rest of your tabs you will find a link to it in your top menu and in your sidebar.

- Tzipi
answered Jul 10, 2014 by admin (3,130 points)
yes but when i look at others social store pages, i dont have to click a tab to go to their store. It automatically displays there store on the main page. How come mine does not do this.
Hi Stefanie,

Facebook doesn't allow replacing the page's timeline with custom HTML, maybe you are accessing the Facebook store from a link that goes directly to the store?