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When will your apps be available for store owners?

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i would like to know when your other features might be available for canada. I really want the sharing icon app for my store listings but just like all the other apps on ebay it won't let me.

I already got a couple of your apps but want all. There great and the prices are really really affordable compared to others.

It's sad....theres like what...thousands of apps for ebay and for canada 0. i had a very hard time to find just a couple to add a bit of spunk to my listings but nothing really usufull. don't get me wrong, there usufull but lets just say some are way more usefull and would complement better what i want.

Anyways, hope you can try to fix up something and offer canadians a bit of the cake. (we all know U.S don't really like Canadians and im sure that is why we might not have acess to some of the same features.When you ask eBay why they say they need to test it first in U.S to make sure all is ok and then they will be able to sare. Ya...i don't think it takes 15 years to test an app or a software.anyways, not my business.i guess they wouldn't want to make more $.) just my point of view.

At least we have a couple independents like 3dSellers who actually want to share and grow there wallets so they go outside the triangle and share the cake.(thats right, triangle not box.)

All i have to say is When or IS there going to be some of your other apps available to canadians soon, in the future or probably not?

asked Jan 11, 2014 in Share Your Items by Fred

1 Answer

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It's true that currently all apps at eBay’s app center are only available for users, but we do offer some versions of our apps that are available to all users including our Webstore app, Social Store app and Store Designer app. Unfortunately we haven't yet released a outside eBay version for our "Share Your Items" app, but we will consider this in the future.
So if you have an international eBay seller account and you want to sign up to one of those apps you can do that here:
If you have any other relevant questions/comments feel leave a comment below. 
answered Jan 11, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)

edited Dec 8, 2014 by admin