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Whats a subdomain?

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asked Feb 18, 2014 in Webstore by anonymous

1 Answer

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Your webstore subdomain is the unique address for your storefront. While the main domain for all webstore users is webstoreplace.com, each user has a unique subdomain which by default is the seller’s eBay user ID.


A subdomain is a separate site, even though it doesn't have it’s own domain it can have an unlimited number of pages.


If you wish to have a seprate domain for your storefront and don’t want to have only a unique subdomain, your can forward a diffrent domain to your webstoreplace.com subdomain. To do so read our guide on How to Register & Forward A Domain for Your eBay Storefront.


If you have any question in regards to your webstore subdomain feel free to comment here below.



- Tzipi. 

answered Feb 18, 2014 by 3dsellers_tzipi (7,060 points)